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Join the elevate team as we share some of our favorite Instagram posts. We’re exploring where we find inspiration and explaining what makes us “double tap” a picture. We’ll be chatting with influencers along the way as they share how they stay inspired, and where they find their own inspiration online.

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    Double Tap Fall 2020

    • Top 20 of 2020

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    Double Tap Spring 2021

    • S1E1: Double Tap! with Renee Gadar and Savannah Nethken

    • S1E2: Double Tap! with Charlie Price

    • S1E3: Double Tap! Best Hair Colors from Pride!

    • S1E4: Double Tap! Elevate Hair Trends

    • S1E5: Double Tap! Hair Tattoos

    • S1E6: Double Tap! Hair Horns


our special guests know their way around hair!

Aveda Global Artistic Director for Texture

Renee Gadar

Currently you will find her traveling the world Educating for Aveda as the Global Artistic Director for Texture, The Elevate Hair Team as well as doing private clients out of NYC. Renee was her family's hairdresser by 9 and the community, "kitchen beautician" by 14. She worked at Arrojo Studio for six and half years becoming a Senior Stylist, while honing and broadening her craft by focusing on intense studies and advanced classes around hair textures and hair cutting. She continues to learn while understanding the more one discovers the more there is to understand. Drawing from her earliest hairdressing days as a young adult to her most current epiphanies, she is sure to open up your mind to the incredible depths of all the different types of hair textures and their varied needs.

Founder of Beauty Underground; Co-Founder of Denver Fashion Week

Charlie Price

Charlie Price is an award winning American Hairstylist and educator. He has worked as lead hairstylist at NY Fashion Week since 1998 after training under runway masters Eugene Souleiman, Serge Normant and Guido in NTC and Milan. He is the founder Beauty Underground Magazine and Beauty Underground Team - a creative collective of international beauty educators. After this long period of traveling the globe for hair, he started producing runway shows and was a co-founder of Denver Fashion Week. He is a co-founder of the Southwest Hairstyling Awards and his latest initiatives - Hair USA Awards and Fashion West.

Colorist and Stylist at Paris Parker Salon and Spas; Elevate Hair Content Creator

Savannah Nethken

Savannah Nethken is a colorist and part time stylist at Paris Parker Salons in New Orleans Louisiana. After mentoring under master artists, she spent the last 3 years behind the chair specializing in Aveda color. When she’s not in the salon, Savannah is curating content for Elevate Hair and #elevatecolor. Working alongside Tatum Neill for Elevate hair has not only allowed her to further develop her eye for all things beauty, but has inspired her into becoming a more creative stylist.